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In 2013, Glasstown Brewing Company was founded based on the dream to have a job that was fun and exciting. After years of working in the private sector as an Environmental Consultant and bartender, I decided that I could live out that dream by focusing my efforts on something I love. BEER! After years of home brewing and sharing beer with friends and family, it occurred to me that it was time to turn this hobby in to a business. Something I could enjoying doing day in and day out, “the dream job.”

With a lot of hard work Glasstown Brewing Company opened on December 20, 2013. Glasstown Brewing Company was named after the rich history of the City of Millville. The town for which the brewery bases its name, was once the glass making center for the country. This unique town and plentiful silica resources made Millville one of the premier locations in the country for glass making. Millville has had a rich and vibrant history, which is still prevalent in its Glasstown Arts District and the Clay College which continues to educate artists. The brewery is proud to share in the history of Millville and its name as Glasstown Brewing Company. The brewery is also proud to be located at The Millville Airport where it is located within the Army Airfield Historic District. The Millville Army Airfield played an integral part in WWII where pilots were trained to fly the infamous P-47 Thunderbolt. The Millville Army Airfield was also the first of its kind in WWII.

A message from the Owner Paul Simmons:

As owner and brewery, I truly hope that you enjoy everything we post here on our website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. I also hope that you take the time to visit our brewery location to tour the facility and taste our latest creations. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, especially those who share in the common interest of tasting delicious beers. Thank you for stopping by and I can’t wait to see you at the brewery.